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Pictures of Student’s Work

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

The following pics are from 2009.  These are just a portion of what students have accomplished here in their classes.

Student’s Work Summer 2008

Monday, September 8th, 2008

This summer was amazing. I met so many new students and was thrilled with their work. I wanted to share some photos of a few of the many projects which were completed over the 7 weeks of classes. I will be adding more pictures shortly.

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Sammy and her apronSofia and her gathered, tierd skirtSofia and her first project

First Summer session campers with their finished apronsIla and the messenger bag she designed and madeEmily in her new dress

Elizabeth with her pajama pants and fabric tied flips flops.Alisha and the bag she made
Isaac and the bag he designed and madeIsabella and the skirt she designed and made with pattern drafting software I haveAudrey w/ her reversible bagReversed bag of Audrey's

Sarah and the baby quilt with 425 piecesMaura holding Sarah's quilt to show us how neat and tidy the back of it isMaura holding the quilt she made for her nephew's 1st birthdayJennifer and the quilt she made for her daughter's doll

Kerri Ann's Quilt made from her late Grandfather's shirtsClose up of Kerri Ann's quilt

Projects by Kids & Teens Summer 2007

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Over the summer, we offered week-long, sewing classes for kids & teens. The kids would meet in the morning and the teens in the afternoon. It’s is amazing what they accomplished in 5 days. Almost all of them were beginners. The youngest was 8 and the oldest 18.

Usually, I start beginners off with a simple apron. It is a project that is finished rather quickly and gives us a chance to talk about many of the basics about sewing: the grain of the fabric, pinning, cutting, prepping with the iron, how a sewing machine works and how you go about sewing a straight line of stitching. Also, it gives me a chance to determine how each student learns, so that I can give them the instruction they need.

After the apron, the most popular projects were; tote bags; fabric-tied, flip flops; pajama pants; quilted triangle bags, ribbon bulletin boards and several other items. Here are some examples of the work the kids did. Truly inspiring!

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Alex, 8, wearing her pajama pantsAlison & Amelia with their flannel pajama pantsEsther's pajama shortsAmelia & Alison with their ribbon bulletin boards, no sewing involved.Maria's pajama shortsAmanda wearing the skirt she made along with the flip flops she decorated with fabric.Lillian in her peasant blouse, 6th project of the week she worked on.Stephanie wearing her flip flops and holding her triangle bag.Gina's flip flops, she decorated the edge, too.Emily and her reversible bag, her own design.Close up of Lillian's triangle bag.  She quilted the fabric herself before assembling the bag.Lillian's reversible tote bag, her second project.Natalie in her pajama pants, older sister of AlexJonah & Isaac, 8 yo twins, in their aprons.  Jonah is holding his beach bag.Stephanie in her new pajama pants.  The cat's meow.  (Fabric is covered with glittery cats)Gina's apronVeronica and bag of her own design, made for her mother.Amelia & Alison with their zippered pencil pouches.