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Lizzy G. (teen)

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

Finding Laura’s sewing school was a great opportunity for me, someone
who always wanted to sew but didn’t have the confidence to attempt it
on my own. I learn the basics of sewing in an extremely friendly, hands
on environment where no question was too stupid and mistakes were a
vital, accepted part of the learning process. In addition, I gained the
knowledge and understanding of the logic and background behind sewing
that makes me able to attempt projects on my own that I would never
have dreamed of trying before, with professional looking quality and a
sense of pride that you could never get from buying something in a
store. I would highly recommend that anyone interested in sewing,
whether their interest is in clothing, furniture upholstery, home
goods, accessories or any other category, sign up for a class with
Laura, where you can go at your own pace and chose projects that
interest you, because you won’t be sorry!

Interior of Lizzie's BagLizzie's Original Designed Bag

These pictures are of a bag designed by Lizzy. She has attended classes since January 2007. She made the pattern, quilted the fabric, inserted a welted zippered pocket on the outside and a double compartment pocket on the inside. The closure is made with a fabric covered button and a black elastic loop. Lizzy made this during a week-long, summer teens class.

Becky Z

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

Becky Z and her beanbag ottomanLaura is a born teacher. I had wanted to learn to sew for years, but was intimidated at even threading the machine! Laura demystified the entire process and has given me a ton of confidence. In just six lessons I have already completed two projects, including an ottoman for my living room. I am now working on a window seat cushion and very excited about all the possibilities that lie ahead.

Laura is so patient and instructive…she is great with both students like me (who started out as novice as they come) as well as with those much more advanced. Seeing what other students have made in Laura’s classes is so inspirational. I would highly recommend Laura’s school to anyone interested in sewing!

Kathy C.

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

Kathy C“I have taken classes with Laura since I first began sewing in September 2002, progressing from patchwork bags to hobbled shades to jean jackets. Whenever my sewing friends (and industry professionals) compliment me on my good sewing habits, I’m quick to credit Laura. With her endless patience, vast storehouse of knowledge, and unfailing encouragement, Laura has inspired me to create professional-looking home dec items and fashionable garments. There’s nothing she can’t help a student figure out!

Generous with her time and expertise, Laura is someone who really knows how to teach sewing. Whether you’re a novice or a sewist with some experience, lessons with Laura can teach you the basics or allow you to brush up on your sewing skills. Taking classes with Laura has given me the confidence to undertake increasingly challenging sewing projects, and her semi-private lessons have afforded me the opportunity to learn from other students’ experiences. But most important, lessons with Laura have introduced me to one of the best sewing professionals in the Boston area.”

From Ruth F.

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

I enjoy Laura’s classes so much! I had sworn off all new classes because, even if the class description promised it, I NEVER finished the class project and was overwhelmed with the unfinished projects. Laura’s flexibility and wide-range of experience and skill has made it possible for me to tackle projects I had gotten stalled on and get the satisfaction of finishing them!

Laura is a phenomenal teacher! She is an extraordinarily talented and versatile artist. And boy – does she know how to teach! After taking classes with many other teachers, I know the hard way, that finding a good teacher is a rare event. Those who can DO, CANNOT always teach – but Laura CAN.

Her own grasp of the subject matter always amazes me. ………..

She never makes me feel bad for having to have something repeated, in fact, she understands that such repetition is often necessary for true learning to occur. I appreciate so much the way that Laura explains WHY we need to do specific steps – it helps me understand the task at hand and remember the technique for the future.

Laura is generously/genuinely appreciative of the work that her students do. I end up feeling encouraged and inspired and accomplished at each step along the way as well as at the end!

From Melissa E.

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

Laura sets you up with the basics of machine sewing so that you can navigate your way on practically any machine. As a result, you skip the typical headaches most first-time sewers encounter. You learn to approach sewing from a logical perspective, you never learn “how” something is done without understanding the “why.” Laura’s teaching style ensures this.

You also benefit from her many years of experience by adopting an invaluable list of tested and tried tools and resources (catalogues, local stores and web sites) that she provides you from the very first day of class. What a relief it is to know exactly what to buy and what to avoid when getting started.

What is also remarkable about her classes is that they are small and students work individually at their own pace on their own projects. You get individual attention and independence simultaneously – a great combination when learning sewing. You need that extra attention to guide you through the beginning or through more challenging parts. But, it’s the balance of independence that allows you to build confidence, work on you own – with the comfort of knowing the she is there ot help you when you need it.

Above all, Laura’s generous spirit will keep you learning tons about sewing and home decoration, as she is always eager to share her knowledge and experience. She provides a warm, inviting environment at her studio in Arlington. All in all, you leave with a very personal, friendly exposure to sewing.