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Victory! The Board of Selectwo/men voted, UNANIMOUSLY, to return the traffic signals to their original cycle.

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

The Meeting on Monday, November 9, was very well attended and there was no one there who did not want the lights to change back to the way they were.  Many community members spoke up.  And it was great to be heard and have the change acted on so quickly.

It was through the combined work and voices heard through the petition, that this came about. Also, the Board of Selectwo/men, as well as as TAC, were open to hearing our feedback and concerns. They weren’t tied into the change when it was clear that it presented danger to so many people.

I enjoyed working with Donna Maurer, Christine Williamson Carney, Jean Clark and Kara Madden. Each person contributed their strengths and knowledge to this endeavor.

The change DID happen Monday, November 16. This is truly wonderful, and amazing and will be much less stressful. This has a link to the article about the meeting.

We can now walk safely at this intersection.  And, a bonus is that they’ve added 8 seconds to the crossing time to be up to current guidelines.  Formerly, we had 21 seconds to cross, now there are 29 seconds allotted to the exclusive pedestrian signal.