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Sewing in the time of the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

I am disappointed to say that we are suspending classes as of Monday, March 16, 2020. 

We are making protective masks for health care providers!

On March 19, medical organizations started reaching out to me asking me to coordinate making masks for their health care providers. As many of you know there is a terrible lack of Personal Protective Equipment (or PPE) available in this time when they are desperately needed. A cloth mask is better than no mask at all. Cotton alone can prevent 50% of pathogens from being breathed in.  

I have designed a mask that is two layers of cotton fabric, and has a pocket to insert a filter material. This means that they can discard the filter material and wash and reuse the mask. That filter material can increase the efficacy of the mask to 75 or more percent. Another use for the mask is for providers to put it over their N95 mask to keep it clean and extend its useful life.
I have made a video on how to make the mask and posted it on YouTube. It’s linked below. If you have any troubles with the link you can go to my YouTube channel which is called SewInGenius.

I have also made written instructions which are downloadable, printable, and include the pattern pieces, along with a pleating template. 

Get the written instructions by clicking here:

You can help by donating to the effort:

We are organizing and distributing kits. Many people have offered to sew.  We are coordinating their efforts as well. We are all called the Mask Brigade!

We are in contact with the various health organizations to deliver the masks to them. We have purchased a good number of materials required for this effort.  And, Laura, has had to close her school due to the current Covid-19 crisis.  She is working to provide what is needed to help our frontline workers.

What the donations will be used for:

We need to be able to purchase more elastic for securing the masks on the health worker. And, we are looking at alternatives, like ties, but are needing to purchase bias tape in bulk, when we find it. The fabric usually runs around $12/us and we are making thousands of masks. There is a cost to running the sewing school space and keeping it open while we pursue this endeavor.  Any amount you can donate will go directly to supporting this project. Thank you.
We are thrilled to be asked to coordinate this project. Our skills are contributing to the health and well being of our medical community. It helps give us focus during a strange and scary time. Any donation is welcome and will be put to good use.

Click here to donate to the Mask Brigade!

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