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Our Second session of Fall classes begins the week of October 17–21, 2022. 

As a student at Laura’s Sewing School, you get to make projects of your choice and receive individualized instruction as you need it.

Classes are small, max 4 students. 

We have large cutting tables; gravity feed irons; 

And, 2 loving dogs to greet you and visit with you during your class.


Classes meet once a week, for 3 hours.
Youth After School Classes meet once a week for 2 hours.
Youth are also welcome to join either of our Saturday classes.  These are mixed ages of Youth and Adult 

Classes will run for 5 weeks, and finish the week of November 14–19, 2022.The next session will begin the following week.

To sign up for classes, go to our REGISTRATION FORM, linked in the green bar above the photo slideshow.

Changes to the Sewing School in response to the pandemic.
We have totally rearranged the sewing school to make it safe for students to return to classes.

1. There is now a lot more space to move around and keep 6+ feet of distance.  
2. All of the sewing machine tables are over 6' apart and facing the wall or windows.  
3. There is hand sanitizer at each sewing table; at the entry; at both ironing stations.
4. Touch free technology has been installed in the bathroom.  This includes a touch free faucet, touchess soap dispenser, and a new towel dispenser which has you touching only the towel you use.  And, I purchased a new waste can with an open top, so you won't need to touch the can to put your used towels in there.  And, actually, I just installed an air hand dryer, to reduce paper waste.
5. We have 2 new, top rated air cleaners.  The large one cleans a 2,000 sq ft area (my main space is 1,000 sq ft) and the smaller one is for the back hallway/bathroom area.  The technology is used by NASA and developed by Aerus/Electrolux. The cleaners were made in the USA!  
6. Surfaces are disinfected after every class, with FDA approved cleaner.
7. Masks are required at all times in the space, including the bathroom, back hallway and entryway.  If you need a break, go outside.
8. No food or drinks will be allowed in the sewing school until further notice.  This includes water bottles. 
9.  Dogs will be available in classes for puppy therapy.  They are not touch free, and happily welcome your attention.

If you'd like to take a tour, I have made a video so you can see the changes to the school.

In person classes will be limited to…
Adults and youth who have can show proof of vaccination against Covid.

You may ask why so limited?  Laura has an autoimmune disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis.  To control the condition, she takes a number of immune suppressant medications.  This puts her at high risk during the pandemic.  This is a non-negotiable situation.  Please respect that and we appreciate your understanding.

We are going to try to offer instruction to those who cannot attend in person classes.  
1. Laura has a YouTube channel called SewInGenius
    A good number of videos on how to make PPE are already loaded on the channel. 
    We are trying to upload videos on a regular basis, now that we are resuming classes.
    These videos are a way to communicate basic sewing techniques.  The following are already uploaded and available to watch:
    How to wind a bobbin
    How to thread a sewing machine
    How to clean out the fuzz under your throat plate, and oil the bobbin area
    How to sew a pillow cover with an invisible zipper   
    How to sew a button on a blouse/shirt
    How to make shirring with elastic thread
And, there are more, but this is just a little teaser.  

2. We are exploring formats, such as Zoom, Livestreaming, and Pantheon or Vimeo.  We will send out announcements of our offerings via email and on our facebook page.