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Projects by Kids & Teens Summer 2007

Over the summer, we offered week-long, sewing classes for kids & teens. The kids would meet in the morning and the teens in the afternoon. It’s is amazing what they accomplished in 5 days. Almost all of them were beginners. The youngest was 8 and the oldest 18.

Usually, I start beginners off with a simple apron. It is a project that is finished rather quickly and gives us a chance to talk about many of the basics about sewing: the grain of the fabric, pinning, cutting, prepping with the iron, how a sewing machine works and how you go about sewing a straight line of stitching. Also, it gives me a chance to determine how each student learns, so that I can give them the instruction they need.

After the apron, the most popular projects were; tote bags; fabric-tied, flip flops; pajama pants; quilted triangle bags, ribbon bulletin boards and several other items. Here are some examples of the work the kids did. Truly inspiring!