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Places to get mask making materials

Yes, we have kits of materials, already washed and precut, for people to pick up from our school entryway.  You make the masks, all you need to add is thread, and then wash and return them to us, so we can give them to the organizations on our list.  

If you are wanting to make masks for yourself and family, you can buy materials from Fabric Corner, which is in the same building as my school.  Their phone is 781-643-4040 or email is

The Cambridge Quilt shop is open for curbside pickup.  They are located at 85 Blanchard Rd in Cambridge, it’s right on the Belmont line.  Their information is located at:

And, Joann Fabrics is doing online ordering.  I have heard there’s quite a back up of orders, and you can choose your location when you go to their website.  Not all of their stores are open.  But, Burlington and Natick are.

And, depending on where you live, there are other fabric stores doing the same kind of ordering and curbside service.

We have now made over 8200 face masks.  As well as scrub hats, in 2 sizes, and ear relief bands.  Our project has slowed down greatly, but we have a few people who are still making masks for us to donate to various organizations.  If you would like to do so, we still have mask kits available.  You can come by when the school is open, and pick up a kit.  Sew it, and return it to us when you are done.