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Class Policy:

During COVID.....Classes are only open to Adult students at this time. And, you must have been practicing social isolating. Not have kids going to school in person. And, if you work, you must have a job working remotely. It seems severe, but since Laura is the only teacher, and she has health issues that make her vulnerable to Covid. This is a non-negotiable issue.  

Every student must bring their own set of sewing tools and notions. You can find them list on the "Class Supplies" list on our website.

We can no longer offer tools to students in class, as it is nearly impossible to sanitize all of those items. Contact us if you have any questions. Be sure to label all of your tools and even your machine and its cord and foot control.  

We can, however, offer the use of our sewing machines, for a small fee. This covers our maintenance. We just purchased new machines for the school. It's listed below, and you can either pay with your class registration, or in person at the first meeting.

If you wish to take instruction online, please sign up for our email newsletter (upper right hand corner of every web page). We are setting up how we will offer online lessons, and will email our list when those classes are available. We do not share our email list with anyone, EVER!