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What students have to say about Laura's Sewing School

Shelley S. says:
Almost three years ago, I retired and wanted to work on my bucket list. I always hoped to work on my sewing skills, but needed guidance. I was so lucky to have found Laura's sewing school! Laura has a wealth of knowledge and helps you sew what YOU want to sew. Recently, Laura taught me how to draft a pattern from one of my favorite skirts. With Laura's guidance, it is coming out great! Each week, I look forward to MY sewing time,as well as the interesting conversations with fellow sewers! How does three hours,fly by so fast !!!!!!!! I strongly recommend Laura's sewing school. 😊😊😊

Sherry L. says:
You can’t get better than Laura’s Sewing School. I’ve been coming to Laura’s for the last eight years and I plan to keep on coming. Whatever you want to make you can learn to make it at Laura’s. She always LOVES your projects, your fabrics and you. She has the best method for making something and she will teach it to you. The chitchat among among the students is always fun and you get ideas for ideas and support from the group. What’s better than that?

Pam R. says:

Laura's Sewing School is a fantastic place! I truly feel like I've discovered a gem in our community. Laura and her school are all that they promise and more. My daughter started classes there at the age of eight, and in two years time, has become so proficient. Laura's classes are fun and challenging. My daughter is never bored, and always gets to use her creativity. From pillows, totes, and stuffed animals, to beautiful clothing and even upcycling and designing - you name it - my daughter gets to do it all! Laura is so skilled and knowledgeable while being extremely patient and kind. She is an expert at imparting her knowledge to others, and will take the time to answer any question that you may have. I'm so glad we found Laura and her school. My daughter literally sprints with excitement to get to Laura's classes!

Abby S. (pictured in the middle with her Senior Fashion Collection at Cornell) says:
I started taking sewing lessons with Laura  12 years ago as a middle school student interested in learning to make my own clothes.  Laura taught by me everything from ironing fabric to laying out sewing patterns to using a sewing machine to altering patterns and beyond. Laura makes everything look incredibly easy and has an amazing talent of being able to see how pieces should be sewn together. Her ability to place pattern pieces perfectly on grain without even using a ruler never ceases to amaze me!  Even though these skills seem to come naturally to her, she is patient and kind with all of her students and will repeat instructions as many times as needed. Laura’s experience in  varied areas of crafting and sewing allows her to help her students masterfully tackle any type of sewing project. Her depth and breadth of experience has equipped her with sewing tips and tricks you won’t learn elsewhere. I worked on a wide range of projects with her including coats, skirts, dresses, button down tops, evening gowns and more.  Each project came out beautifully as a result of her guidance. As I progressed in her classes, she helped me make a pattern for my prom dress from scratch, fit a pattern for a pair of jeans, work with difficult fabrics such as charmeuse, and match prints across seams. Working with Laura inspired me to continue my study of fashion design in college where I found Laura’s classes had placed me far ahead of my classmates in terms of sewing skills and techniques. I have worked with many sewers and teachers throughout my time in design school and within the fashion industry and Laura is by far the best. Anyone interested in sewing should sign up for classes with Laura as fast as they can!

Doreen I. says:
I have been a student at Laura's Sewing School for about two years now and look forward to each class. I like the fact that each student is working on what they choose to learn and that we are appreciative and supportive of one another's work. Laura has a wealth of experience, a love for sewing and a desire to help her students learn and develop. Sewing class is my once a week treat to myself and I hope to continue as long as Laura continues.   

Sharon B. says:
I started coming to Laura's sewing school about four years ago and haven't missed a session since then. I was thrilled to find a relaxing space to gather with other women, socialize, and tap into my creative side. Laura is a highly skilled teacher,willing to support you on any project you choose to work on whether you are just beginning or want to increase your skills. Laura is the perfect coach to guide you along your way. Going to class is often the highlight of my week as there is a warm community of creative women to encourage my endeavors.

India T. Says:
I have been coming to classes at Laura’s Sewing School for 9 years (since I was 10). I have learned so much over the years! Laura is patient and has shown me how to become adept at sewing. I have made friends in the class over the years and always feel comfortable hanging out at the school. My favorite thing that I have made is my overnight bag which I use alot. I sign up because I want to become better at sewing and it gives me time to do projects I want to complete in a collaborative environment. It is also very convenient for us because we live in Arlington, and I can walk from the high school after school. I will very much miss my Friday afternoons at the Sewing School when I go to college next

Our daughter has been taking lessons from Laura for the past several years. Over this time, she has gone from having never operated a sewing machine to developing a remarkable skill for making amazing creations with it. Her recent projects included a pig stuffed with piglet dolls, an iPad cover, and an upholstered cushion, each of which amaze her friends and relatives when she shows off her work. She adores the classes with Laura and eagerly dives into her projects. Thank you, Laura!